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2019/06/16 07:47:48
Size: 570

4.910000 from 4ThULvajqyqt62sWdvFJNYPctZEtp28bfR (TX)
4.920000 from 4ThULvajqyqt62sWdvFJNYPctZEtp28bfR (TX)
4.528243 from 4boBsZ3sxejDCTSGhBU2GZsKX4GbnjhmrS (TX)
4.910000 from 4ThULvajqyqt62sWdvFJNYPctZEtp28bfR (TX)

4PJN2LvnWtFCbqZu7JW7JZEz4LBifSxFMR with 0.934800
4YCkJ8jWsN7oybvypf12cuWZFu9ZeuEJj3 with 18.332443

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