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0.010305 from 4bVcMA9P1qQZr1gtVmQpvnFrtrHhcqrsvD (TX)
0.010023 from 4aHC5QUEf591jvPFry7MoB23As2nukKA7V (TX)
0.010124 from 4Gh2o7fVgzYNjHo6WEdQutGqvtpCk7NdiB (TX)
25.000000 from 4FBDvZppzixRtUESd7m67Epb6GdFnEgvuQ (TX)
60.513211 from 4PbNyHrGMrAcAnCQXevtTBuJVEPk8HEYCQ (TX)
10.481605 from 4NS83c8ndmWdWhv4iQdRhXEFHA5QGSNHc5 (TX)
10.593121 from 4Qudf1CwSbYWRMCVZz7y9g5tPudju2a3HD (TX)
47.617975 from 4cVpeWKdEdYpBTZpL6VE1yjWVPvkC6Dhip (TX)

4YjSRTgr1tYjNAdrLiGFVozNsx7kkokL1f with 0.010000
4QrBrZjoEX61yc6iNymV4q21MaG5XPszkZ with 154.224364

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